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International Summer School on Hybrid (bio)Nanostructures (HyNano)

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In the framework of the Marie Curie - RISE 2017 H2020 Project: Hybrid Nanostructured Oligonucleotide Platforms for Biomedical Applications - Nano-OligoMed (778133) the consortium project and the Materials Science and Nanotechnology Laboratory of the University of Sassary invite you to participate in the International Summer School on Hybrid (bio)Nanostructures (HyNano), which is focused on hybrid organic-inorganic materials containing biomolecules or having bioinspired structures.

This summer school will allow to broaden knowledge in different types of materials, from oligonucleotides based structures to liposomes, silica constructs and soft matter. The school includes a visit to Porto Conte Ricerche and to the laboratories of Prof. Plinio Innocenzi, where the students can see in action some of the equipment for material characterization.

This summer school offers the possibility to revise some of the last discoveries in the field using a multidisciplinary approach with some of the best known and active researchers in the field. It is a unique opportunity to share ideas and deepen your background during the full time of the school.
Confirmed Speakers:

  • Prof. Giovanna Brusatin, University of Padova
  • Prof. Plinio Innocenzi, University of Sassary
  • Prof. Nora Ventosa, Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (CSIC)-CIBER-BBN
  • Prof. Marilyn Lanio, University of La Habana
  • Prof. Alessandro Porchetta, University of Rome Tor Vergata
  • Prof. Michael J. Sailor, University of California San Diego
  • Prof. Roberto Corriadini, University of Parma
  • Prof. Francesco Nicotra, University of Milano Bicocca
  • Dr. Alba Cordoba, Nanomol Technologies SL

Registration and more information in http://nano-oligomed.net/school/